Like me, are you wondering, "What is my role in helping to create a better world after COVID-19?" Building the life of your dreams, and the world of our dreams, is going to take a lot of energy.  For energy, and a clear and creative mind, you need a good night's rest.  Let me help with that.  Light stretching, breathwork, and sound meditation can add just the right amount of energy to your system before bed, to help ensure your best night's rest.

These Sleep Well Sessions are specifically designed to lift your energy, before guiding you into a lucid dream like state, just before "tucking you in for a good night's rest."  These meditations are actually all about “Waking Up.”  I believe that the more lucid we can manage to become in our dreams, the more energy we have to help change our reality for the better.  It’s a very simple premise, and yet, focusing the mind for extended periods of time, is no easy feat.  It takes lots of practice.  We can do that together.


There aren't any chat boxes or participant windows so as to limit stimulation before practice... before bed. Participant are instead invited to join this page, and/or live Zoom calls, to share: comments, experiences, progress along their individual goals, or ask questions that may come up during your dream journey.

I'm excited to see how this course develops, and how this practice changes  us over time!

Registration charge is $10/Session:
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