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Restorative Sound Sessions

These Sacred Sound of Ohm Events are an extended group chanting practice combined with a sound bath meditation. "When experienced meditators engage in chanting meditation, neurological imaging has shown changes in blood flow to the brain and other positive emotional effects, even an increase in immune system functioning." - McKussick Tuning the Human Biofield, pg 76.  What I also know to be true, is the lingering effects of Samadhi that can result from genuine, authentic, vocal expression for sustained periods of time.  In these Ohm/AUM/Om events, it's not about how we sound, but how we feel as we are creating the sound.  When sound is based in our intentionality, it becomes a prayer for ourselves, our communities, and for our global community.  My personal prayer is that exposed to the power of sound, it will help us be still and know, we can break through form our darkest nights to a resplendent dawn!

The Sacred Sound of Ohm Event - They'll be back!
Check the website for updates.

The Ohm Event Cost: $20 Suggested Love Offering
Time: 2 hr Event
Bring Yoga Mats & covers for comfort

Bi-Weekly Aum Meditations CANCELED
Live Online 1st & 3rd Thursdays https://www.facebook.com/thesoundmasseuse/


Based in Dallas, TX USA

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