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New Offering!

A Quantum Journey is one of two offerings designed to reinforce the bonds of love that bring us together, this one by tapping into the power of the imagination as a serious tool and means of communication for receiving messages from our collective subconscious mind.  This deep work, is an effective way for individuals, couples, small close friend groups, even close-knit nonprofit boards..., to further explore and enhance the purpose for being together in this phase of their lives.  This inner journey of Self realization encourages a certain level of reverence and personal responsibility as together, we mine the unfolding stories and messages, as metaphor for relevant meaning.  Somewhat whimsical in nature, these sessions can be thought of as a cross between imaginative daydreaming and guided meditation.  See more about the inception of these sessions on the About Genie page and contact Genie with questions.

Cost: $255 online
$363 live in person w/Sound
Payment Plan Options Available
Time: 2 hrs

General Availability:
Thursdays and Fridays 10:00AM - 3:00PM
Contact: GenieatSoundMasseuse.com


Based in Dallas, TX USA