"Beyond our words, enunciations, and symbols, is pure essence infused sacred sound.  And it is the sea of vibration that lifts you as much as you allow it. I am here in service, to facilitate your restorative experience of connection to this vibrant, vibrational, wholeness of life."  - Genie J

Canceled due to COVID

Spaces are limited. 

Chapel seats 20 comfortably.

Floor spaces for mats and chairs if pre-ferred.

Pre- Register and reserve your space.

The Sacred Sound of Ohm Events
Coming to CSL Dallas in 2020!

DO YOU OHM? Do you have a regular sound meditation practice that incorporates the use of your voice? If you don't already, here are some really good reasons to consider adopting this as a daily practice:

  • Singing, humming, or toning stimulates the vagus nerve, in effect helping to do things like decreasing inflammationincrease mood and lower anxiety and depression,

  • Additionally, making long, sustained sounds with the exhale (also known as toning), can help increase mental focus, and move us into a scientifically measurable state of coherency (a state of optimal functioning when the mind, heart, and breath, all become aligned).  This state of consciousness has been described as similar to the "flow" state that many athletes describe feeling when they're at the top of their game.

Find all kinds of more information at the links below!

LinkedIn .pdf of the Om Event experience! 

YouTube Video of Testimonials 4 min

Article on natural Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Video Outlining the Four Intentions we use at The Om Events: 6 min

Every time I sit in deep contemplation of this Ohm event, I am moved with profound gratitude and often chills, to know, I am being used in this way.  The potential individual and collective impact of this experience is unlike anything I’ve had the great pleasure of facilitating as yet. Would you like to add your name to the growing list of “Ohmers” who have agreed to send their love?


By adding your name, you stand with us in saying,

“I believe in the power of mantra and/or sound meditation to help reveal an abiding Peace within me.”


“I support The Sacred Sound of Ohm event by intentionally sending my love during my own personal practice over the coming days and/or by showing up to add my voice at the event.


As a gift to you, here’s a link to a free gift.  This is a short ohm meditation that I am currently working on recording for the free Insight Timer app, but I share with you here as a way of joining us in the practice in advance.




Much love and light to you my dearest!

Genie J

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Mindful Walk + Restorative Sound Session


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