"It's Your life. 
Live it like it's Golden!"


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"For well over 10 years I've been driven and guided in cultivating this gift of Sacred Sound and my unique way of offering it.  I have led workshops with emphasis on embodying a Dynamic Peace, given standing ovation A Cappella Poetry performances that inspired spontaneous emotional healing, designed and facilitated Sound Healing coursework, and have been of consult in many one-on-one transformative sessions...  Ultimately I have been used for beautiful things and I share the following so you'll have a sense of my roots, the training I stand on, the depth of the services I offer, and my areas of continued educational growth." 

                                                                                                                          -Genie J

  • Mindfulness Sessions that incorporate the use of soothing sacred sound Instruments

  • Momma & Me Mindfulness Sessions that help deepen maternal bonds while giving young people the space to develop mental and spiritual tools over time

  • *Quantum Journeys that help groups and individuals connect with and clarify the messages of their inner wisdom and knowing

  • Sacred Sound of Ohm events that take us into a unified field of sacred sound to aid in individual and collective awakening

  Foundational Education & Experience:                                       


University of Arkansas, Fayetteville  

2 summer engineering programs while still in high school,
4 semesters in Civil Engineering and Interior Design 


Collin Community College District

Magna cum laude Associates in General Studies spring 2017.  
Focused on the Humanities and Sciences: Biology, Anatomy, Physics of Sound and Music, and classical music training... 


Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness

Sound Healing & Therapy 2009 (Year The Sound Masseuse first opened)

The Holmes Institute
Licensing as a Spiritual Coach and Prayer Practitioner in 2013 after over 10 years of attendance, leadership, and service in many groups

Various Professional Development Programs:
Web development classes, Communication and Business Acumen, Leadership training and others


All while working for over 12 years in the non-profit arena wearing many hats, from Administrative Assistant, Ministers' Assistant, to Associate Director of Congregational Life.  

  Current & Continued Education:                                                


Arizona State University
Integrative Health Online Program Spring 2020 - Current student!

Current Reads:
Tuning the Human Biofield by Eileen Day McKusick

Chakra Yoga by Anodea Judith

Other Interesting Coursework, Training, and such:

Beyond Quantum Healing - November 2019

Inner Engineering with Sadhguru Online - Nov. 2019

Your Electric Body w/Eileen Day McKusick on Shift Network!  A 7 week discourse and experiential exploration on the anatomy and tuning of the human biofield  - May - July 2019

Led Overnight Meditation w/Max the Texas Crystal Skull, 
Focused on Prosperity in 2019


Empowered Life Circle w/Tracee Stanley, a 3-month intensive practice based on Sankalpa and Yoga Nidra - Nov '18 - March '19

Attended and Played, Yoga Nidra Weekend Intensive w/Tracee Stanley to exploring comparable states of consciousness - April 2018

Living Yoga Dallas weekend intensive with Jeff Masters, of The Masters Institute.  Instructional training delving into the science of how memories and experiences become embedded in our tissues on a cellular level - March 2018

Facilitated mindfulness classes and workshops at Mastermind Meditation Studio designing personalized classes and scripts - May 2017 - 2018

Beinhorn Vocal Method Workshop with world renowned Vocal Coach and Producer, Debbie Beinhorn - April 2016

Spiritual Significance of Sacred Sound w/Vickie Dodd, Director of Sacred SoundWorks March - May 2016 

Completed 3+ semesters classical music studies at Collin Community College District an "All-Steinway School."


My Singing Bowls practice and play is heavily influenced by home-study course work of Diåne Mandle.


In November of 2019, Genie completed the certification for Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH).  In years past she also completed the Self-Hypnosis Home Study Course by Dr. Steven Gurgevich and attended a weekend intensive training at Heartsong Hypnosis Center in Dallas, TX.  She has in many ways been preparing to facilitate Quantum Journeys for well over 10 years, and is prepared to develop a mastery of this offering over many more because it is such an effective, dependable means to experience wholeness and connection.  The Quantum Journey offerings take participants a step further than present Mindfulness Offerings and are a unique combination of Genie's natural aptitudes, experience, and training, that have culminated into one elegant, wildly imaginative, sacred practice.

To name two of many benefits that participants may experience as a result of these sessions, is an activated spiritual courage and engaged practical wisdom. Genie will be your personal guide and companion every step of the journey.



Find session prep tips here and contact Genie to schedule a Pre-assessment Interview:



"It's Your life. 
Live it like it's Golden!"

  Hospice & Bereavement:                                                        


Hospice training and volunteer work through Altus Hospice & Good Shepard Hospice- facilitated group activities,  personal visits, played Singing Bowls for Annual city wide memorial service.


Living Through Change Bereavement Training with  Rev. Dr. Luckenbach, a noted Bereavement Specialist.  This program modeled healthy group work activities and was complimentary to my commitment to the other side of bereavement.

For the Love of Family!


Based in Dallas, TX USA

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